Our authentic casino equipment and the professionally trained Dealers that we employ, enable us to create a ‘Fun Casino’ that replicates a real casino environment in every aspect. The only noticeable difference at one of our events is the absence of cash being received over the tables.
Many years of experience working in a real casino environment has enabled the staff of Deal A Party.com to observe all that is required to make a ‘Fun Casino’ event realistic, entertaining and memorable for all that share in the experience which Deal A Party.com offer.

Casino Dealer

The Dealers

Our Dealers are not only chosen for their ability to Deal the games competently. We encourage our Dealers to interactive positively with our clients and their guests, you will find our Dealers much more relaxed and approachable than in a real casino, due to the fact that a ’Fun Casino’ is a source of entertainment and not financially dependent on the outcome of a bet.
All of our Dealers are extremely courteous and welcome players to their tables, encouraging them to participate in the games and assisting them with any questions they may have on how to play.

The Equipment

'A bad craftsman always blames his tools'

A Deal A Party.com Fun Casino utilizes all the hardware that you would associate with a real casino. Traditional ‘H’ shaped wooden legs form the foundation upon which rich colourful full-size layouts found in actual casinos are laid. Every detail has been accounted for, from the six deck shoes with real security controlled cards and cutting cards on our Blackjack tables, to full size mahogany and brass Roulette wheels and authentic weight casino chips. The quality and uniqueness of our product is unmatched by any of our competitors, at a price that is hard to beat.

All images displayed on this website are of the actual equipment used at Deal A Party.com events.
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